安倍晋三首相による米国議会合同会議での演説 その3

安倍晋三首相による米国議会合同会議での演説 その3
Prime Minister's Office of Japan

スノーデン将官に、私は和解のためのあなたの努力に敬意を表します。 どうもありがとうございました。 戦後、私たちは戦争に対する深い反省の気持ちを念頭に置いて、私たちの道を歩み始めました。 私たちの行動はアジア諸国の人々に苦しみをもたらしました。 それから目をそらしてはいけません。 私はこの点に関して前首相が表明した見解を支持します。 私たちは、アジアの発展にあらゆる面でさらに貢献しなければなりません。 私たちは、地域の平和と繁栄のために働く努力を惜しみません。 そのすべてを思い出して、私たちはこのようにやって来ました。 私は私たちがたどったこの道を誇りに思っています。



Address to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Mourning for former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister's Office of Japan

to general snowden, i pay tribute to your efforts for reconciliation. thank you so very much. post war, we started out on our path bearing in mind feelings of deep remorse over the war. our action brought suffering to the peoples in asian countries. we must not avert our eyes from that. i'll uphold the views expressed by the previous prime ministers in this regard. we must all the more contribute in every respect to the development of asia. we must spare no effort in working for the peace and prosperity of the region. reminding ourselves of all that, we have come all this way. i am proud of this path we have taken.

70 years ago, japan had been reduced to ashes. then came each and evry month from the citizens of the united states gifts to japan like milk for our children and warm sweaters. and even goats, yes, from america, 2036 goats came to japan. and it was japan that received the biggest benifit from the biginning by the post-war economic system that the u.s had fostered opening up its own market and calling for a liberal world economy. lator on, from the 1980's, we saw the rise of the republic of korea, taiwan, the asean countries, and before long, china as well. this time, japan too devotedly poured in capital and technologies to support their growths. meanwhile in the u.s, japan created more employment than any other foreign nation but one, coming second only to the u.k.

in this way, prosperity was fostered first by the u.s, and second by japan. and prosperity is nothing less than the seedbed for peace. involving countries in asia-paciffic whose backgrounds vary, the u.s and japan must take the lead. we must take the lead to build a market that is fair, dynamic, sustainable, and is also free from the arbitrary intentions of any nation.

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