コミュニティ レジリエンス:構築と維持 その3

コミュニティ レジリエンス:構築と維持 その3
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あなたのコミュニティが側にいるとき、私が言ったように準備ができていたいので、時間がかかるでしょう。 私が特に強調していることの1つは、コミュニティの開発について話したことです。 友情とは何ですか? ここでは友情が実際に重要になります。 友情がなければ、どうすれば正しく物事を行うことができるのでしょうか。 だから私たちはフェイスブックで人々を友だちにするという文脈で友情について話します。 ですから、彼らが持っている友人は、数百マイル、時には数千マイルも離れていますが、それだけです。 友情とは、ここでのこのプロセスは、自然な思いやりのある関係を拡張することです。 そして他の関係のようにそれは中立的に世話をされなければなりません。 そしてそれはあなたの近所の自然なつながりの強さから始まります。 それが友情が本当にここにあるのです


Community Resilience: Building it and Sustaining it
TEDx Talks

when your communities side one so it wants to be ready like i said it's going take time. one of the things that i really stress specifically what we talked about developing communities is. what is friendship right? friendship actually becomes important here. because without friendship how can you do things right. and so we talk about friendship in the context of friending people right on facebook. so friends they have that are hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away but that's all. a friendship is this process here is to the extension of natural caring relationship. and like any relationship it must be neutrally cared for. and it starts with a strength the natural connections in your neighborhoods. and that's what friendship really is right here.

we talk about just one lady who i know really wise lady. her name is anna cave and she says, hey lean on your critter clubs, you know the lions clubs, the elks clubs, the water buffalo lodge right. and because you need to make a friend because sunday you might have to borrow a ladder. one of the things you have to understand too in your community is focus on your strengths not your weaknesses. strengs come from the informative ability community organizations and self organized for a community group to be resilient. its members must put into practice and early an effective reactions if residents, agencies, organizations take meaningful intentional actions before an event. communities can be reestablished.


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