Precautions for management costs

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Precautions for management costs

When you purchase a condominium, you will have to pay two types of money, "repair reserve" and "administrative fee", every month. The former is calculated based on the long-term repair plan that was set up at the beginning of the sale with the money accumulated for repair work that is carried out every few to ten years, such as painting iron parts, repairing outer walls, and waterproofing the roof. The latter is used for the purpose of daily maintenance of buildings and equipment, such as hiring managers, cleaning entrances and corridors, and expenses for paperwork such as accounting. The money paid is calculated based on the design, specifications, grade, etc. of the building and equipment at the beginning of the sale.

It is necessary to be careful in cases where the parking fee of the condominium is included in the management fee accounting. The reason is that if the parking lot is vacant, the management fee accounting will be in the red. In the case of a mechanical parking lot, regular inspections and parts replacement are required, and it costs a lot of money to replace it with new equipment. The management company demands an increase in management costs.

☞ In such cases, review the management outsourcing costs, which account for the majority of management costs. The management company is often a subsidiary of the seller's real estate company at the time of sale, and the management consignment fee is set quite high, so there is a lot of room for review. It is a showcase for the skills of the self-management union.


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