Unequal subsidence due to insufficient access to the pile support layer

No.218 [1050-20140616]
Unequal subsidence due to insufficient access to the pile support layer

In the 11-story condominium (6 buildings, 260 units) in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, which was sold in 2003, it was found that the piles supporting the building did not reach the solid ground contrary to the regulations, and the building was tilted. When the residents asked a first-class architect to examine the old terrain and collate it with the blueprints, it was possible that the piles did not reach the surface of the old terrain. As a result of a boring survey, the dealers found that the length of the piles in one building, which can accommodate about 60 houses, was insufficient, and it is highly possible that they did not reach the solid ground. I can't feel it, but it is said that this building is partially subsided or tilted. The Building Standards Law Enforcement Ordinance stipulates that for large buildings such as condominiums, piles should be driven into a solid ground called the "support layer" to fix them. If the piles are not long enough, the weight cannot be supported, the building may tilt or sink, and the safety against earthquakes may decrease.
☞ It is unbelievable that a giant in the real estate and construction industry will make such a fundamental mistake in structural design, but it seems to be due to unequal subsidence due to insufficient reach of the pile support layer due to insufficient boring survey. It will be required to thoroughly pursue the cause and provide 100% guarantee to the condominium purchaser. Problems related to the ground require enormous costs for invisible parts such as soil improvement and groundwater veins in soil-contaminated areas, and as a result of cost investigations, there are cases where the condominium business is unprofitable and abandoned. In addition, it cannot be denied that there is a possibility of omission work, which is unreasonable. When buying a condominium, you must first check the structure. Fortunately, unlike the structural forgery case, the seller and the construction company were super-major companies that neither escaped nor hid. I would like to keep an eye on what kind of guarantee will be implemented in the future.


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