Advantages and disadvantages of tower condominiums

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Advantages and disadvantages of tower condominiums

(1) There are many tower condominiums directly connected to the station in a prime location in the city and convenient for transportation.
(2) In many cases, the view from the middle floor and above and the sunlight are good.
③ Wide variety of floor plans.
④ There is a shared view space on the middle floor or the upper floor so that residents on the lower floors can enjoy the view.
⑤ There are ample gym and concierge shared facilities.
① It is difficult to create a community.
Depending on the size of the condominium and the selling price range, if the lower floor is a dwelling unit of about 40 million yen and the upper floor is 100 million yen, the lifestyle and financial values ​​will differ greatly between the two. In condominiums where various things are decided by the consensus of the residents, disagreements can be a problem. (Even if there is a three-fold difference in the selling price of the dwelling unit, the voting right at the condominium resident general meeting is the same one vote)
② It takes a long time to wait for the elevator in the morning
③ The wind is strong
It can be said that it is well-ventilated because there is nothing blocking the surrounding area, but it is sometimes intense and it is difficult to dry the laundry.
④ The sound is noisy
Compared to the middle floors, the upper floors are overwhelmingly noisy.
⑤ If you live on the upper floors, you tend to get lazy.
⑥ If you continue your life for a long time, you will not see the scenery unexpectedly
When you move in, you look out every day, but after half a year you don't see it. Also, on the upper floors, you can only see the sky while sitting on the sofa, and you cannot see the beautiful scenery unless you stand.


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