ABC News 2021/06/18 



CDC investigating heart inflammation among young vaccinated people

There are more confirmed cases of heart problems in young people. There are more confirmed cases of heart problems in young people got the shot the director of the cdc is standing by to talk to us about all of that but first go to stephanie ramos with the latest good morning stephanie.amy good morning as the delta variant grows in the u.s and more people get vaccinated the cdc is now investigating more cases of heart inflammation in young people who have received the covit vaccine more than 300 people under the age of 30 are experiencing myocarditis and inflation of the heart muscle or pericarditis and inflammation of the sac around the heart most people who developed heart inflammation after the pfizer or madeira vaccine recovered quickly after medication and rest the cdc advisory panel has pushed their meeting to next week to discuss the reports now the cdc still strongly recommending the vaccine to anyone over the age of 12 especially now as some parts of the country are seeing a rise in covit cases five states with increases of nearly 40 percent or more in the past two weeks health experts pointing the finger at the highly contagious delta vary which has now been confirmed in 41 states and their warning it could soon become the dominant strain whit all right stephanie thanks

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