Real Estate Consulting Practice

■ Free consultation of a certain individual (Search for residential land of the local limitation)
I'm looking for a residential land to build an ideal home in a limited area, but I can't find a good property even if I ask a real estate agent or search on a real estate search site. How can I find a bargain?

☞ We are not a real estate agent, so let me give you a general idea. I think you all don't know that good properties are unexpectedly gathered from real estate agents to house makers. I will explain the reason from now on. When a real estate agent receives a land sale request from the seller, it concludes a full-time mediation contract under the Home Building Business Law and has to register with Rains within 7 days (5 days if it is a exclusive full-time), and has to report the sales status to the seller at least once in a two weeks (onece in a week week if is a exclusive full-time). Actually ... Real estate agents will send information to each house maker all at once within 7 days. If it is a good property, the house maker will immediately introduce the customer who will build its maker's house, and if it becomes a contract , the real estate agent can get a double brokerage fee (6% for both hands) of the seller and the buyer. Properties that do not reach a contract will be registered in Rains and the information will be shared with buyer side agents. In other words, it will become a real estate brokerage business with a separate fee (3% for one hand). If you have the will to build a house of specific manufacturer, it may be a good idea to wait for information with the capable sales person of this manufacturer.

* However, this method is not possible if you do not want land with house maker's construction conditions. It is possible to use our network of real estate consulting masters, but after confirming the conditions etc. in detail, we will submit a simple real estate consulting business consignment contract (about 2 sheets of A4 size) if you like. The fee system will be based on the concrete work content.


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