Regarding management costs and repair reserves

No.89 [87-20100524]
Regarding management costs and repair reserves

The management fee varies depending on the size and grade of the building and the content of management and services. In many cases, the amount calculated according to the ratio of holdings (the size of the exclusive portion) and the presence or absence of the exclusive use portion is set, and the national average value is said to be "about 154 yen per square meter". In addition, if the management company of the condominium changes on the way, or if it is unavoidably necessary to revise the management / service content, the management fee may increase. Unless otherwise specified, the revision of condominium management fees, etc. will be decided by the ordinary resolution of the general meeting (the majority of the sectional owners and voting rights) in principle.
The repair reserve fund is set based on the "long-term repair plan" created by the condominium management association. The planning period of the long-term repair plan is 30 years or more for newly built condominiums and 25 years or more for existing condominiums. A construction plan will be included for the purpose of maintaining the performance of the condominium to live safely. Large-scale repair work is carried out every 12 years, and the average cost is "1 million yen per unit".
In addition, management costs and repair reserves are illegal unless they are managed separately.

Management cost survey material
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