17 vintage condominium candidates (Hokusetsu) selected by Zen jukucho Price survey in real estate investment

17 vintage condominium candidates (Hokusetsu) selected by Zen jukucho
Price survey in real estate investment (★ buying and selling ☆ renting)
SUMO 2021.04.24

What is a vintage mansion?


[Regarding the purpose of the survey]
Condominiums surveyed by Zen juku-cho walking many times from the nearest station, including the surrounding environment, are listed. Some are based on requests from real estate consulting clients, such as price assessments, but most are steadily researched to show real estate quotes in chronological order. I would be grateful if you could refer to this if you are currently considering real estate investment. However, please note that there is a risk in choosing real estate investment based on yield only. The basis of real estate investment is the cash flow analysis of real estate tax returns based on long-term holdings. The point is whether or not the yield can be improved. Also, if you are considering purchasing for residential use, this idea may come into play in the future.

[About intermediation]
When it comes to real estate brokerage, it's ideal to be like the United States, the seller's agent (price dealer) and the buyer's agent (customer's dealer) negotiate with each other until both the seller and the buyer are satisfied with the real estate brokerage. Because real estate agents in Japan are focusing on early contracts by saving labor with too little information disclosure, sellers and buyers carry the risk of selling at too low a price and the risk of buying at too high a price. No matter where you request the brokerage fee, the upper limit is 3%, so it is important to ask an agent who is familiar with the real estate market at least.

* For floor plans and preview photos(間取・内覧写真), I randomly quote the advertisements posted on SUMO by the pricing company.

【1】Leo Higashi-toyonaka Toyonaka City / Completed in 1974

【2】Buranz Higashi-toyonaka View residence Toyonaka City / Completed in 2008
☆4LDK-82.19㎡-¥159,700./月(¥1,943./㎡)-¥1,916,400./年 間取・内覧写真

【3】Forest park Toyonaka Ueno-saka Toyonaka City / Completed in 2005

【4】Maison Toyonaka Toneyama Toyonaka City / Completed in 1975

【5】Park city Geo-Midorigaoka Toyonaka City / Completed in 2004
☆3LDK-82.05㎡-¥170,000./月(¥2,072./㎡)-¥2,040,000./年 間取・内覧写真
★2LDK-110.19㎡-¥45,800,000.-¥415,645./㎡ 間取・内覧写真
★3LDK-77.57㎡-¥34,800,000.-¥448,627./㎡ 間取・内覧写真
★2LDKS-87.68㎡-¥34,800,000.-¥396,897./㎡ 間取・内覧写真

【6】Momoyamadai corporate house Toyonaka City / Completed in 1972
☆2DK-34.52㎡-¥57,000./月(¥1,651./㎡)-¥684,000./年 間取・内覧写真
☆2LDK-47㎡-¥65,000./月(¥1,383./㎡)-¥78,000./年 間取・内覧写真

【7】Royal Felty Toyonaka Midorigaoka Toyonaka City / Completed in 1990
★3LDK-120.65㎡-¥45,000,000.-¥372,979./㎡ 間取・内覧写真

【8】Toyonaka Sky heights Toyonaka City / Completed in 1972
★2LDK-60.16㎡-¥12,800,000.-¥212,765./㎡ 間取・内覧写真

【9】Senri Chuo River Garden Akari E no Michi Toyonaka City / Completed in 2014

【10】Rune Senri-chuo The Rose Garden Toyonaka City / Completed in 2002

【11】Forme Senri chuo Toyonaka City / Completed in 1999
☆3LDK-75.92㎡-¥140,000./月(¥1,844./㎡)-¥1,680,000./年 間取・内覧写真

【12】Senri chuo Air Hills Toyonaka City / Completed in 2012
★3LDK-73.76㎡-¥46,800,000.-¥634,490./㎡ 間取・内覧写真

【13】Senri Midorigaoka House Toyonaka City / Completed in 1982

【14】Prestige Shinsenri Nishimachi Toyonaka City / Completed in 1985
★4LDK-92.35㎡-¥32,800,000.-¥355,170./㎡ 間取・内覧写真

【15】Senri Chuo Park Hills Toyonaka City / Completed in 1983
☆4LDK-97.87㎡-¥130,000./月(¥1,328./㎡)-¥1,560,000./年 間取・内覧写真
★3LDKS-111.29㎡-¥30,900,000.-¥277,652./㎡ 間取・内覧写真

【16】Higashitoyonaka Class Hills Toyonaka City / Completed in 2012
★3LDK-71.78㎡-¥32,800,000.-¥456,951./㎡ 間取・内覧写真
★4LDK-91.71㎡-¥43,000,000.-¥468,869./㎡ 間取・内覧写真

【17】Cosmos Foresta Minoh Minoo City / Completed in 2005
★4LDK-112㎡-¥29,800,000.-¥266,071./㎡ 間取・内覧写真


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