[1-20210420-S] Real Estate Consulting Practice

Real Estate Consulting Practice

■A certain Seller's request
・Sale of a part of the commercial tenant (convenience store) parking lot (corner area) of about 50 tsubo (150 m2) at price A
※It is not possible to provide materials to intermediaries by the buyer's intention.

■ Characteristics of the target area
・ Location ☞ 6 minutes walk from the nearest station in Osaka city
・ Restrictions ☞ Urbanized areas, semi-industrial areas, 70/200
・ Connecting road ☞ South side 21.5m (main road), West side 2.727m (public road)
・ Annual rent from tenant ☞B
・ Lease period with tenants ☞from October 2020 to January 2033
・ Yield ☞4.8% B / A

■ Benefits for buyers
・ Inheritance tax measures ☞ Reduction of evaluation of small residential land ☞Reduction of evaluation value up to 200㎡ by 50%
* Decrease in small-scale residential land
Usage classification of residential land, etc. immediately before the start of inheritance
☞ Residential land, etc. for Land lease business
☞ Residential land, etc. for Land lease business of a certain corporation
☞ Residential land, etc. corresponding to residential land for Land lease business
☞ Restricted area 200 m2
☞ 50% reduction rate
National Tax Agency
・ Although it is small, it can be used as a commercial facility location along the corner.

■ Risk check
・ It is necessary to confirm the details of the tenant rental contract (whether or not there is withdrawal, etc.)
・ Need to investigate the desired selling price
・ Confirmation of materials related to land transactions, etc.



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