Office Investors Might Be In Trouble - Here's Why. No.2

No.54 [1244-20201129]
Office Investors Might Be In Trouble - Here's Why. No.2

20 major companies that have announced employees can work remotely long-term so with many companies across the us implementing work from home policies starting march and april of this year remote work has continued throughout the rest of 2020 for many corporate offices and with reopening plans being halted in many u.s states as we head into the winter months this will likely continue into at least the beginning of 2021 and this has all created some sort of a forced experiment for office users to see if this whole remote work thing really works on a larger scale and there was a lot of speculation swirling around when shutdowns first started regarding whether or not companies would actually buy into these work from home policies long term with major companies like twitter and facebook annoucing more permanent work from home arrangements and even more conventional companies like jp morgan annoucing more widespread work from home policies during this times as well but in march and april it was anyone's guess as to how this was actually going to play out but at this point heasing into december we are finally starting to see some data on how the office sector is adapting to these changes and what kind of effects this is having on vacancies rents and values for office properties as a result.


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