Real Estate Trend [Contents No.1~No.50]

Real Estate Trend [Contents No.1~No.50]

【50】 In regard to space
【49】 What is the reliable R house system?
【48】 The maximum assets are houses for Americans
【47】 What you must not forget by real estate investment
【46】 Importance of the information disclosure in the property market
【45】 Five characteristics of the apartment which is too high in the maintenance cost
【44】 NOI(Net Operating Income)
【43】 The population decline leads to demand decrease and supply increase, and the empty houses increase
【42】 Declining birthrate of Japan is smallest
【41】 Utilization methods of data for the aspects such as property market trends examination committee in the area

【40】 Basic plan of the Osaka, Kansai World Exposition
【39】 Office movement to the city where "a job, a house, play" was collected in the United States
【38】 What is leverage?
【37】 SDGs in recognition
【36】 About the article which a property value does not fall to
【35】 How about the construction industry of Kansai in the corona whirlpool?
【34】 Narrow site with a private road burden and the setback in commercial areas
【33】 Jacques Attali predicts that the scenery of the urban area changes by a corona crisis
【32】 Was the real estate industry of 2020 "a corona bubble?"
【31】 Stock of condominium to Model business such as extension of life

【30】 The building design platform which utilized AI
【29】 Property price index
【28】 How does the property market change by the spread of teleworks?
【27】 Evaluating easy life on foot at a perfect score 100 points
【26】 About bank return
【25】 The real estate manager who went step further more
【24】 How is the bank interest rate decided?
【23】 Depreciation and cashflow
【22】 About large-scale repair
【21】 Real estate trend to become 3 poles

【20】 Local level of well-being
【19】 The evaluation data of a liveability ranking
【18】 Seven precautions when purchasing a used condominium in the United States
【17】 Timing of the real estate investment
【16】 The real estate investment that focused on cashflow
【15】 The official authorisation of the local government in a private apartment
【14】 What is Cashflow?
【13】 What Is The Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment?
【12】 The law of 1000:100:10:3:1
【11】 Ministry of Land、Infrastructure and Transport to promote the growth of the Japanese real estate investment market

【10】 Difference in view on Japan-U.S.A contract
【9】 The apartments of Europe and America are everlasting assets
【8】 Basic difference between United States and Japanese real estate broker
【7】 The intermediation of the real estate buying and selling is not so easy
【6】 20 deadly misstates to avoid as a real estate investor
【5】 5 items that remained in the impression by a talk of Robert Kiyosaki
【4】 Priority investment ranking 2020 in 7 real estate investment categories by Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
【3】 Economical influence on real estate lease company due to coronavirus in New York
【2】 Delay of the real eatate information disclosure
【1】 Evaluating land with posted price

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