Narrow site with a private road burden and the setback in commercial areas

Narrow site with a private road burden and the setback in commercial areas
Introduce a consultation example from a foreign family register these days

I examine the purchase of the land (X㎡) in the commercial area (Coverage ratio 80%, Floor area ratio 240%, Semi‐fire zone) to build home. But there are a private road burden (a㎡) in the north and a setback part (b㎡) that the details are not clear in the west. How many square meters is it to be able to build in the first floor on earth ?

Please be careful about following three items
1)In the part which must do setback and the private road burden it can be built neither the building nor the gate, a wall, the retaining wall. Thus, Building limit area=(X㎡-a㎡-b㎡)×80%
2)By "a law to revise a part of the Building Standard Law" constructed in June, 2019, it was relieved +10% the coverage ratio of fireproof, the associate fireproof building in the associate firebreak zone. It is necessary to have government office prior consultation confirm whether a building to hope for is built or not in this respect with the first class authorized architect office. But it becomes charged.
3)About the setback of the site west, As it becomes the adjoining land with the building not the current situation road, +10% of coverage ratio relaxation of the corner lot will be impossible.

☞In spite of the commercial area, it is like the land which cannot build the 3-story ideal house. The floor area ratio becomes 4m (front road) X 6/10 X 100 = 240%, but in case of using it up within the road restriction of the oblique line, it becomes the costly buildings more than 4 stories and the maintenance expense is serious, too. The land of the north side road is not good on the lighting sideFurthermore, the deal of records at government and public offices area is dangerous. It costs, but, after acreage of a plot of land rebirth, actual survey deal will be all right.


Osaka Yodoyabashi

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