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"The true life" of the apartment

It is reinforced concrete construction that is the most a lot as structure of the condominium. There is a property that the reinforcing rod resists power to draw out, but is poor at power to crush. On the contrary, the concrete resists compression, but has a property to be weak for pulling. The reinforced concrete has a combination in both and makes up for each other's weak points each other and makes up strong structure. It is is superior to earthquake resisting, durability, fire resistance corrosion‐resistance and has high confidentiality and adiathermancy, too.

The service life of the building of the reinforced concrete construction is prescribed for "47 years". But this number means the service life when a building depreciates it. In the tax law, it means that the value of the apartment is 0 yen in 47 years. In other words, service life of the building is not equal to life‐span of the building. Ministry of Land、Infrastructure and Transport announces that "The physical life of the reinforced concrete construction is 117 years" "The physical life of the RC apartment is 120 years. If life extension measures are given, it can be postponed till 150 years" in a workshop report about existing home facilitation of the distribution, the utilization.

It is a minimum condition not to do the concrete undergrounding of the facilities plumbing kind to put up the service life of the apartment. It is important to divide a building into a structure body (skeleton) and interior, facilities (infill) and design each. It leads to repair and update of the facilities plumbing kind easily without getting a structure body out of order.

MITSUI BUSSAN Yokohama Building (existing KN, Nihon Odori building) of the completion in 1911 is used now. It is existence to prove durability of the reinforced concrete construction by having kept on enduring the Great Kanto Earthquake and Yokohama major air raid. To continue using it more than 100 years, not thinking "when should I rebuild it?" but thinking "how can I escape rebuilding it?", let's try for maintenance of the apartment, and aim at the society which is not scrap and build.

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