【2】Personal history of Captain Zen prophase(2000~)工事中

Thank you for giving me video interview today.
My name is Yoshio Tsujimura.
Nice to meet you.
At this time,
I applied for this job by the advice of my wife.

I am interested in a clinical trial.
I have been working in the clinical trial company for about 7 years.
from 2011 to 2018.

The business outline was to explain a clinical trial summary to members who applied for in the call center.
I have participated various kinds of clinicals trial as a test person.
for example
COPD (lung disease) for people who smoke,
Fundus (glaucoma) testing equipment (the place was Kyoto university)
Health food to work for a knee ache, diet, Neutral fat reduction,
and so on

I am living on work of the self-management now.
It is Real estate management and consulting business.
In the real estate consulting business,
There is sometimes that I work with the foreign family register.

I have 5 national qualifications
*Real estate broker *Real estate consulting master
*Financial Planner *English teacher's license *Driving
I have Level 2 of the English Language Proficiency Test

Well, I introduce myself in short.

I was born in 1959 and I'm 61 years old now.
I live in Toyonaka city, Osaka prefecture with my wife.
I have two sons and one grand child.

I graduated the university for foreign studies in 1982.
I acquired an English teaching certificate.
I don't have the English official approval first grade(英検1級)
I have second grade.

For my collage days, I belonged to the rigid baseball club, too.
I did the U.S. inspection trip.
I appreciate that I enjoyed my collage life.

After graduation
I found a job in Daiwa House
and worked for 20 years, from 1982 to 2002.
I wanted to go to overseas division but it withdrew in those days.
building sales job only
The last post is a section manager

After retirement
I have been living on work of the self-management
I sometimes worked part-time, too.

I am a good person basically.
Good will may bring about unfortunate results.

I appreciate your video interview.
I am looking forward to the day to be able to see you next.
Thank you very much.

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