Timing of the real estate investment

No.17 [1184-20200623]
Timing of the real estate investment

Of course while there are circumstances of each person. Generally, as utilizing the leverage called the loan for the real estate business and making borrowed money in the long term with 30 years and so on, it is good if young so as to be young. However, it is a premise that there is a stable income including the earned income, and there are the savings that are higher than a constant level. However, the examination of the financial institution becomes severe if you make home loan and acquire a house earlier. At first you thicken the self-fund by real estate investment steadily and should make a home loan after getting the trust from the financial institution. Or there is the method that you invest even an owner change profit article in the article which you want to live in, if a resident leaves it, you live in. As a result, as the case which became the real estate investment, acquiring a house earlier and living for a while, but there is the case to give it for lease by transfers. In any case, the methods are different by a scale, a case to be able to make real estate investment without the mistake into it may be a timing. Let's begin to make a cashflow plan of yourself.


Osaka Nakanoshima

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