Basic difference between United States and Japanese real estate broker

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Basic difference between United States and Japanese real estate broker

The real estate broker qualification in the United States is one of the three major qualifications next to a doctor, a lawyer. It has a high degree of recognition and status. An agent contracting with a broker and the broker is distinguished definitely. There are the broker qualification that can have an office and the agent qualification that can make real estate business. All of the agent is the professional who got permission from the state.

Most of the agent contract with a real estate company for contingency fees. All depends on a personal ability rather than a company. The skilled agent may be scouted by many brokers. About the brokerage fee, a seller pays 6% of total amount to the broker of the seller side. The broker of the seller side that received a reward pays half to one of a buyer side.

On the other hand, "the real estate brokers" saying in Japan don't belong to house-built supplier (company with the license) but to individual companies working without a license. The real estate broker takes it a work to transmit an expensive real estate article information from seller side supplier (Netsuke) to buyer saide supplier (Kyakuduke). The real estate broker receives it under the name of "plan charges, introduction charges, advertisement charges" as contingency fees. If a brokers are to 2-3 person between seller side supplier and buyer side supplier, a story may be still connected , but a story is not often connected directly when brokers become further. It is said to be the bean jam (bean jam) , it is necessary to negotiate smoothly by networking this part. It is necessary to maximize information including acquaintances information to let one real estate buying and selling make a contract. However, it is uncertain who is responsible because a real estate broker is not a license supplier. It is a terrible talk that the content of the article summary is random and appears to the property market though it is not an article. Because there is the fake land broker fraud, you must be careful enough.

※Generally, the broker finds "a seller" and introduces it to a real estate agency. Even if introducing “a buyer”, as it may be fixed in different suppliers and it becomes "the lost labor". The broker introduces a seller and have a real estate agency make an exclusive duty-mediated contract with to secure introduction charges.


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