The intermediation of the real estate buying and selling is not so easy

No.7 [1173-20200606]
The intermediation of the real estate buying and selling is not so easy

The intermediary whom a seller asks for is called "a market-making supplier" (Netsuke), and the intermediary whom a buyer asks for is called "a visitor charge account supplier" (Kyakuduke). Netsuke must realize the hope of the seller to the maximum. When a gap is in the condition including the price, Netsuke can not make a contract no matter how much Netsuke negotiates with Kyakuduke. Kyakuduke must suggest the price of the article based on DCF method for buyer when it becomes the intermediation of the investment returns real estate, and must suggest a leverage effect or the internal rate of return (IRR) making a real estate cashflow list over and over again. Furthermore, there may be the case that Kyakuduke must suggest to risk analysis, business succession measures (CRE) and an exit strategy for buyer, too. It cannot be concluded only with the license of the residential land building business person. Cooperation and the suggestion of at least 9 experts as follow is necessary.

1) Certified tax accountant (Accountant)
2) Judicial scrivener
3) Lawyer
4) Land and house investigator
5) Real estate appraiser
6) Registered architect
7) Bank employee
8) Member of securities
9) Member of insurance

In other words, the buyer does not contract with it without the results (experience) and the suggestion power including an investigation, the analysis. It is called matching, but, in this IT society, is not helpful for what only by collecting a plenty of real estate information, and turning it from the right to the left. As the buyer has a considerable market analysis power as such, the results (experience) and the negotiations power superior to it based on the suggestion power are necessary.

However, because it may become charged depending on contents to ask for to a specialist in title 9, it becomes the problem as much as possible to build the network which can hold an expense in check. The cases that a real estate consulting master is doing a role to gather these specialized suppliers seem to increase recently. Contract duties including both predetermined contracts and explanation of the important matter that a house-built supplier performs as the proof when both sides reach an understanding are only just one copy of the end of all real estate intermediate duties trips thinking about how much time it takes to compile one item.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have the network with 9 overseas specialized suppliers when business becomes the overseas real estate. Even as for the domestic real estate the other party in the case of an individual, a corporation of the foreign family register, naturally, the minimum linguistic ability concerning the real estate is necessary.


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